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Last week…

9 February 2009 Leave a comment

Last week I worked a 53 hour week.  Why, I hear you ask, would you do that when you are only paid for 37.5 hours?  The answer is simple.  I enjoyed what I was doing.

Last week I got dig into WiX ( and use it to create an installation package packed with features.  Here are some of the points that I discovered.

1. You can still use the WiX 3 execute custom action to run a .NET application at the end of the installation despite not being able to actually execute the .NET code as a custom action. (Which actually is just really fiddly to do, not impossible.) see for further information.

2. Tallow has been replaced by Heat in version 3 of Wix.  However, Heat doesn’t have the synchronisation features Mallow has.  Fortunately Neil Sleightholm’s has modified Mallow for WiX v3

3. The Votive extensions for Visual studio, somehow, ended up consuming 48% of my CPU power permanently when in use, so I edited the files manually once I got the basics done.

And finally after hours, literally, of messing around with the build process I got a fully automated build and deploy of the project working.

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