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AD FS next steps…

Once you have AD FS setup with SharePoint there are some other considerations that you may want to consider, these are the ones that I have considered when installing for a client recently.


When the user logs out from the SharePoint site the user is not logged out of AD FS.  This may or may not be a problem but needs to be considered.  There are two options:

1. Disable Single Sign-on in AD FS.  To do this you will need to modify the web.config for the AD FS installation, see SharePoint and AD FS Part 2, and look for the microsoft.identityServer.web node.  In there you will find a singleSignOn property.  Change this value to false.  This method has the disadvantage of then not being able to sign on once to the organisation if there are multiple web sites the user can browse.  This may or not be an issue.

2. Modify the logout in SharePoint so it logs out of AD FS.  Shailen Sukul has an excellent example of this method here.

Adding another Web application

The point will invariably come when another web application from the SharePoint farm will need to use the same AD FS instance.  Steve Peschka has an excellent blog post “How to Create Multiple Claims Auth Web Apps in a Single SharePoint 2010 Farm” explaining how to do this.  The only thing that isn’t clear in his post is how to get the $ap variable populated if you already have it registered.  This is simple though, if you have only one token issuer registered then the following line will get it for you.

$ap = Get-SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuer

If you have more than one you can use

$ap = Get-SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuer –Identity "name of issuer"

to the end of the line to resolve it.

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