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31 January 2013 Leave a comment

So awhile ago I mentioned automated versioning of components during a TFS Build.  At the time I suggested Chris O’Brien’s approach, which is a good simple approach.  However, if you want something a bit more powerful take a look at TSVersioning.

TFSVersioning is a codeplex project that has heaps of versioning goodness and good documentation to match.

It is really easy to add to build process just following the instructions they have given.

When using this with SharePoint projects the only limitation I found was that you needed to apply the Assembly Version Pattern which obviously you don’t want to do with SharePoint.  This appears to be a limitation in one of the embedded XAML files.

If you want to remove this limitation then just do the following.  Download the source code (I’m using the version.) and open the solution in Visual Studio.

Find the VersionAssemblyInfoFiles.xaml file and open up the designer.

Find the node that task that says “Validate then process Build Definition Values”.  Chagne the “Or” in the condition to an “And” so it reads “String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(AssemblyVersionPattern) And String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(AssemblyFileVersionPattern)”.


Compile the project and use the DLL instead of the one included in the package.

The other XAML and flows already allow you to specify either the AssemblyFileVersionPattern or AssemblyVersionPattern, just not this flow.

Note:  Version 2 has been released for TFS2012, I do not know if that version has this limitation or not.

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