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Long-time no post

I looked at the blog the other day and realised that I hadn’t posted in quite some time so l thought it would be time l did an update. But looking back over the last few months all see is lots of work. There has been lots of it and some of it probably deserves a blog post or two. The problem is that there don’t appear to be any slowdown in the lead up to Christmas for the third year in a row. So what has happened?

  • We moved house
  • Done work for about 5 different customers
  • Attended funeral of my Grandmother
  • Family holiday in Australia
  • Attended funeral of a good friend
  • Built a SharePoint as service platform for Datacom.
  • Got my vTSP credentials for SharePoint

So pretty much I’ve just been doing life. Hang on did I hear you ask what a vTSP was? Well that is a good question. While the rest of the list was happening, Microsoft was slowly turning the wheels to induct me into this elite team of specialists, chosen from amongst the partner community. The purpose of the vTSP is to help their regional sales teams by providing in depth technical support and knowledge, in return they receive access to a large amount of Microsoft internal resources.

Hopefully I’ll get a bit more time on the next little while to put some more blog posts up. I’m planning on providing an update to my continuous integration with SharePoint series to bring it up to Vs2013/SP2013 and TFS online. As well as some other articles on claims and AD FS with SharePoint.

Until next time.

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