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Chromecast stuck Updating at 0%–What I discovered shocked me

17 March 2016 6 comments

The other day my Chromecast (Gen 1) decided it needed to update.  Unfortunately after leaving it all day the update had not progressed passed 0%.  I attempted all the standard suggestions to fix this:

  • Reboot
  • Factory reset
  • Reboot (again)
  • Try a different WiFi network

I couldn’t get it to work.  Then I found one suggestion to use the Google DNS servers ( and so I thought I’d try that in case OpenDNS were blocking the update.  While getting to the modem to change these settings I discovered that a recent update of my modem by my service provider (Orcon)  (they own the modem so they don’t really need to tell me what they are doing, so long as they don’t override my customisations on it.)

Anyway, I noticed that the updates included enabling IPv6 on my LAN. (I didn’t record if it was connecting externally on IPv6 or not).  On a hunch I decided do disable IPv6 services on the LAN settings.  Once done… Rebooted the Chromecast, and the update completed in a matter of seconds.

I’d would have posted this to the Chromecast forums, but I couldn’t find an appropriate place, or a recent enough question to post it as an answer too.  So hopefully after having this issue and you found this blog post, it helps you fix your Chromecast.

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Long-time no post

25 October 2013 Leave a comment

I looked at the blog the other day and realised that I hadn’t posted in quite some time so l thought it would be time l did an update. But looking back over the last few months all see is lots of work. There has been lots of it and some of it probably deserves a blog post or two. The problem is that there don’t appear to be any slowdown in the lead up to Christmas for the third year in a row. So what has happened?

  • We moved house
  • Done work for about 5 different customers
  • Attended funeral of my Grandmother
  • Family holiday in Australia
  • Attended funeral of a good friend
  • Built a SharePoint as service platform for Datacom.
  • Got my vTSP credentials for SharePoint

So pretty much I’ve just been doing life. Hang on did I hear you ask what a vTSP was? Well that is a good question. While the rest of the list was happening, Microsoft was slowly turning the wheels to induct me into this elite team of specialists, chosen from amongst the partner community. The purpose of the vTSP is to help their regional sales teams by providing in depth technical support and knowledge, in return they receive access to a large amount of Microsoft internal resources.

Hopefully I’ll get a bit more time on the next little while to put some more blog posts up. I’m planning on providing an update to my continuous integration with SharePoint series to bring it up to Vs2013/SP2013 and TFS online. As well as some other articles on claims and AD FS with SharePoint.

Until next time.

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Failed to map path ‘/’

20 November 2009 Leave a comment

Have you ever seen this problem? It looks a bit like this…

Well you might if you are working on Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 2008. In this case I’m on Windows 2008. The simple workaround is to run Visual Studio as an administrator, but this is bad and what if it occurs in production and not just during development?

Well the guys at Microsoft have the answer…

Calling OpenWebConfiguration(null) means that code wants to open the root web.config file for *both* read and write access. The default file-system ACLs on the root web.config file only grants write access to administrators. The "Users" group has read access. The root web.config file is locked down to only grant write access to administrators because configuration changes to this file affect every web application on a machine.

Applications that intend to only edit configuration information for a specific application should call one of the OpenWebConfiguration overloads that accept a specific path and a web site name. This will cause the configuration system to request write access for an application-specific web.config file, as opposed to the global root web.config file. – Microsoft Connect (

There you go, the cause of the problem is how the web.config is being opened. In most cases you only want to open it for READING, not for writing… so how can you do that?

Forget the WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration() methods. Use the WebConfiguration.GetSection() method instead. This will get the configuration from the currently executing ASP.NET application.




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18 December 2008 Leave a comment

Well there seem to be many people in this world who blog, some even for a living, and some just because they think the world will be a better place for them having said something.  It isn’t, most of the time.  However there are a number of blogs that I do enjoy reading (such as Scott Hanselman’s) and over the last year or so have had a number of random thoughts about blogging.  I’ve also seen it suggested that Windows Live Writer is a good blog editing software, including the fore mentioned guru (but not ScottGu, he’s another one), that happened to end up on my computer (cause I installed it, not because they forced it on me.)

Hence the first blog I’ve written… ever (at least if you can find another blog I’ve written I’ll happily correct that statement.)  So who am I and what will I be blogging?

Who am I?  I’m a Christian, I live in New Zealand and I work as a Senior Software Engineer for the largest New Zealand owned information technology services company, Datacom (which I’m now proud to publish links to their public site.)  I also run my own small software development company, Sonshine Technologies Limited, in my spare time.  In my career I have developed software for such prestigious New Zealand companies as ASB Bank (I take no responsibility for their public website, or the errors in their internet banking product, or how unusable it is.  But I will take credit for all the significant improvements that are happening or about to happen on their site.)  Ministry of Education, Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board, and many many more, which I can’t remember at the moment.  (That reminds me of funny story… see below, if I remember.)  My resume is available on request.

There are a number of things I’ll be blogging about:

  1. Bible readings and inspiration that I’ve received – I’m a Christian and I love my God.  I know I just turned a few of you off.
  2. Code and other computer stuff – I’m a computer programmer and I love code and I know I just turned a few more of you off.
  3. Life – I’m alive!!! and I love being alive.
  4. anything else that comes to mind.

The point of this blog is to invoke some discipline in my life around the research and thoughts on these topics and putting them to paper.  So enjoy, maybe, we’ll just see how we go.  I’m not really expecting anyone to read this stuff.

Oh, yeah, funny story… earlier this year (which feels like a lifetime ago), having being requested to give some job interviews for people joining Datacom, I thought it would be good to actually be in their boots, so I applied for a job at the big M$ after several attempts at contact they finally turned me down, apparently I didn’t have enough Consulting experience.  Anyway, two weeks later I was onsite at a customer’s place doing some consulting on behalf of M$ because they didn’t have anyone with any knowledge in that area to help, so they approached Datacom and I was the only one with the time and experience in that area.  After that I figured I’d be better off working for Datacom than M$ anyway.

Well that is it… first post down, infinity more to write.

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