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Chromecast stuck Updating at 0%–What I discovered shocked me

17 March 2016 6 comments

The other day my Chromecast (Gen 1) decided it needed to update.  Unfortunately after leaving it all day the update had not progressed passed 0%.  I attempted all the standard suggestions to fix this:

  • Reboot
  • Factory reset
  • Reboot (again)
  • Try a different WiFi network

I couldn’t get it to work.  Then I found one suggestion to use the Google DNS servers ( and so I thought I’d try that in case OpenDNS were blocking the update.  While getting to the modem to change these settings I discovered that a recent update of my modem by my service provider (Orcon)  (they own the modem so they don’t really need to tell me what they are doing, so long as they don’t override my customisations on it.)

Anyway, I noticed that the updates included enabling IPv6 on my LAN. (I didn’t record if it was connecting externally on IPv6 or not).  On a hunch I decided do disable IPv6 services on the LAN settings.  Once done… Rebooted the Chromecast, and the update completed in a matter of seconds.

I’d would have posted this to the Chromecast forums, but I couldn’t find an appropriate place, or a recent enough question to post it as an answer too.  So hopefully after having this issue and you found this blog post, it helps you fix your Chromecast.

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